Improving your fundraising just got easier.

You’re just seconds away from the training, advice and support to help you grow your fundraising.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Your targets get higher every year, but you get little or no training to help you succeed

You occasionally go to a conference, but a week or two later the ideas you heard have made little difference to your results

You’d love to send your team on training, but it’s too expensive

Many of your colleagues don’t understand the kind of fundraising you do (or fundraising at all), so it can be hard to stay positive

…these common challenges inspired us to create the Bright Spot Members Club.

The Club gives you training, coaching and support to help you increase fundraising income.

Most fundraisers are determined to make a difference and willing to work really hard. And yet I’ve noticed that many are frustrated that they’re not making as much progress as they’d like. We believe you deserve not only practical fundraising techniques, but also the ongoing support and environment to help you take those actions.

So we created this club to give both the strategies and the support to help you raise more money. This includes:


Real-time advice from fundraising experts to help you solve your current problems


24 / 7 access to lots of practical fundraising techniques through our training bundles, downloads, audio sessions and webinars.


A supportive, like-minded community to give you encouragement


Hear great speakers, meet other members and keep your inspiration topped up.

The Bright Spot Members Club will help you:

Take action

Do practical things to help you increase fundraising income

Be bold

Take action with more conviction


Meet and get help from other fundraisers with similar challenges


Enjoy the buzz of raising more money and your confidence growing

What are some of the topics I can learn in the club?

There are more than 45 training bundles in the Members Club, with new films and downloads added all the time.
Here are just nine of the topics you can access…


How to win strategic corporate partnerships


Be more persuasive, get more YESes when you meet wealthy donors


How to maximise your fundraising and career progress


including how to create an energised, fundraising-friendly culture.


Lots of techniques to help you get buy-in to your ideas (from senior colleagues / trustees as well as supporters)


How to increase your trust and foundations income


How to increase income at the mid-level


Copy-writing tricks to make your proposals / stewardship much more persuasive


Practical techniques to help you love your fundraising

Real fundraisers, raising more money

“I’ve found the Members Club incredibly helpful. For example, within 6 weeks of applying the strategies from the ‘Win That Pitch’ bundle, three members of my team had won partnerships worth over £10,000.”

Dan McNally

Head of Hospice Fundraising, Sue Ryder

“These techniques are so helpful on many levels. I’m delighted to tell you, in my first year as a major donor fundraiser I smashed my budget target by 40% and the things I learned from Bright Spot played a huge part in that.”

Lynda Harwood-Compton

Major Gifts Manager, Animals Asia

“As well as being good for my morale during the pandemic, perhaps the most striking example of how the Club resources affected my results was one of Rob’s workshops, which helped me focus on a positive goal and reframed my thinking on how to get there. The session was incredibly useful and ultimately I’ve used those insights to help secure an AMAZING, seven figure gift! I’d wholeheartedly recommend this learning club to other fundraisers.”

Lauren Kendall

Head of Transformational Philanthropy (North America), University of Manchester

“I’d recommend the club wholeheartedly. One of the things we’ve found really useful is Rob’s Magic Formula technique. As a result of using that I recently secured a six figure gift in a meeting with a major donor. Having this technique and this confidence now is a really fantastic thing.”

Heather Bush

Head of Development, Ipswich School

“Just one example of the progress we’ve achieved with this support has been a partnership worth £500,000…so if you’re thinking about becoming a member, do it and do it today. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.”

Sue Piper

Head of Fundraising, Scouts and Bright Spot Club Member

“I’m an experienced fundraiser working in a small charity and being a member of Bright Spot has been incredibly helpful. In particular, I like the training bundles and the LIVE events and I’ve used some of Rob’s bespoke coaching advice in an interview and this has worked beautifully – and I got the job!”

Maria Andrews

Club Member

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Meet Rob…

Rob Woods is an award-winning trainer and founder of the Bright Spot Members Club. He is the author of several fundraising books including The Fundraiser Who Wanted More. Having spent 20 years in fundraising, he has been an independent coach and trainer for 15 years, helping more than 14,000 fundraisers, managers and directors.

Over the years Rob has helped not-for-profit organisations of every size and in a broad range of sectors, from small, one person charities to large, world famous organisations such as Cambridge University, Save the Children and UNICEF UK. He has been a tutor for the Institute of Fundraising Academy for 12 years.


I’ve not studied fundraising through an on-line club before, how does it work?

The best thing would be try it for one month and see for yourself. Explore as many of the more 45+  existing bundles as you like and join us on the live Group Coaching / Problem Solving sessions. The bundles are collections of bite-size films, with ‘how to notes’ from Rob and other fundraising experts, sharing exactly how they get results. These sessions and the live group coaching sessions show you how to solve common fundraising challenges. They give you lots of real examples and show you ways to apply the ideas in your fundraising. You can also connect with other positive fundraisers through the private group and become part of the Bright Spot Members community.

I’d love to get access to this kind of learning and inspiration but don’t think I have the time.

The beauty of getting inspired through the Bright Spot Club is it’s so flexible. Find you can’t do the video bundles (fundraising courses) at work? Do them at home or on the bus using a smart phone or tablet. In what week could you not find 15 – 30 minutes, if you were committed because you knew it would help you?

We have hardly any budget

Clearly, if your charity is struggling financially, the one area to not cut back is in things that will help you succeed at fundraising. The Club is an investment, and furthermore it’s much more likely to bring a return than going to a conference, which many charities do justify the budget for. Unlike going to a one-day conference or course, The Bright Spot Club has the power to lift your fundraising energy month in, month out because you can log in whenever you like.

What if it doesn’t work and I don’t make progress?

After helping fundraisers to make progress for over 15 years, and helping over 300 fundraisers through the club in the last two years, I know these strategies and tactics work. So if you’re not delighted with how much value you’ve received in your first three months, I’ll donate £75 to your charity.

I work in a tiny team – will the content help me?

YES. At the very least, try out the Club for one month to see for yourself.
There is a mix of Rob’s content and content from a whole range of fundraising experts covering a wide range of fundraising and leadership topics. Sometimes a month’s bundle won’t exactly match your current specialism, but members find it’s a great way to broaden their understanding of fundraising themes.